The National Institute of Metrology (NIM), China held its 14th Meeting of the International Advisory Board (IAB) from 21 to 23 September 2022. NIM…

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NIM houses 9 research divisions, Time & Frequency, Length, Thermophysics, Mechanics & Acoustics, Electricity and Magnetism, Electronics & Information Technology, Optics, Ionizing Radiation, Chemical Metrology & Analytical Science, as well as 7 research centers, Advanced Metrology Center, Engineering Center, Reference Materials Center, Strategy Development Center, Medical Metrology Center, Environmental Metrology Center, Energy Metrology Center.

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State Administration for Market Regulation

State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) is the superior ministry of NIM.the tasks of SAMR include:Be responsible for comprehensive market regulation.Be responsible for unified registration of market entities.Be responsible for the organization and guidance of comprehensive law enforcement of market regulation.


National Institute of Metrology

The National Institute of Metrology of China (hereinafter referred to as NIM) was established in 1955 and is affiliated to the State Administration for Market Regulation. It is the nation’s highest research center of measurement science...

National Measurement Data Center

National Measurement Data Center

The National Measurement Data Center is engaged in collecting, collating, and storing scientific data in the measurement field of China, publishing authoritative measurement data products, and providing customers with convenient measurement data services.


National Sharing Platform for Reference Materials

As the measurement reference standards, reference materials are the indispensable tool for the control of measurement process and the evaluation of measurement results, as well as the material basis and guarantee for the establishment of a uniform and comparable global measurement mutual-recognition system.

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