State Administration for Market Regulation

State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) is the superior ministry of NIM, the tasks of SAMR include:

Be responsible for comprehensive market regulation. Draft relevant laws and regulations on market regulation, formulate relevant regulations, policies and standards, implement the quality power strategy, food safety strategy and standardization strategy, draft and organize the implementation of relevant plans, standardize and maintain the market order, and create a market environment of honesty, trustworthiness and fair competition.

Be responsible for unified registration of market entities. Guide the registration of various enterprises, farmers' professional cooperatives, and units engaged in business activities, individual industrial and commercial units, resident representative offices of foreign (regional) enterprises and other market entities. Establish the publicity and sharing mechanism of market entity information to publicize and share relevant information according to law, strengthen credit regulation, and promote the construction of the market entity credit system.

Be responsible for the organization and guidance of comprehensive law enforcement of market regulation. Guide the integration and construction of comprehensive law enforcement teams of local market regulation, and promote unified market regulation. Investigate and deal with major illegal cases, and standardize administrative law enforcement of market regulation.

Be responsible for unified anti-monopoly law enforcement. Plan the implementation of competition policies as a whole, and guide the implementation of the fair competition review system. Carry out the anti-monopoly investigation on the centralized behavior of the operator according to law, and be responsible for anti-monopoly law enforcement, such as the elimination of monopoly agreements and abuse of market dominance and administrative power, and restriction of competition. Guide anti-monopoly response of enterprises in foreign countries, and undertake the daily work of the Anti-Monopoly Commission of the State Council.

Be responsible for the market order regulation. Regulate market transactions, online commodity trading and related services according to law. Organize and guide the investigation of illegal charging, unfair competition, illegal direct selling, pyramid selling, infringement on trademark intellectual property rights, and manufacturing and selling of fake and poor quality commodities. Guide the development of advertising and regulate advertising activities. Guide the investigation of production and operation without a license and relevant unlicensed production and operation behavior. Guide the China Consumers Association to safeguard legitimate rights and interests of consumption.

Be responsible for macro quality management. Draft and implement the systems and measures for quality development. Plan the construction and application of national quality infrastructure as a whole, work with relevant departments to implement the major engineering equipment quality supervision system, organize the investigation of major quality accidents, build and unify the defective product recall system, and regulate the anti-counterfeiting work of products.

Be responsible for the regulation of product quality and safety. Manage the monitoring of product quality and safety risks and state supervision and random inspection. Establish and organize the implementation of the quality grading system and the quality and safety traceability system. Guide the management of production licenses of industrial products, and take charge of fiber quality supervision.

Be responsible for the regulation of safety of special equipment. Comprehensively manage the inspection and supervision of safety of special equipment, supervise and check the execution of energy conservation standards for special equipment with high energy consumption and boiler environmental protection standards.

Be responsible for the comprehensive coordination of food safety regulation. Organize the formulation and implementation of major food safety policies. Take charge of the construction of the food safety emergency system, and guide the emergency treatment and investigation of major food safety incidents. Build a sound food safety important information direct reporting system, and undertake the daily work of the Food Safety Commission of the State Council.

Be responsible for food safety regulation. Establish and implement the supervision and inspection system covering food production, distribution and consumption and the hidden danger investigation and control mechanism to prevent regional and systemic food safety risks. Promote the establishment of the mechanism of the non-delegable and independent duty of food producers and operators, and build a sound food safety traceability system. Organize food safety supervision and random inspection, risk monitoring, verification and disposal, early warning of risks, and risk communication. Organize the implementation of registration, filling and regulation of special food.

Be responsible for unified metrology management. Implement the legal metrological unit and the national metrology system, and manage measuring instruments and quantity value transmission and comparison. Standardize and supervise commodity volume and market metrology.

Be responsible for unified standardization management. Undertake the establishment, numbering, external announcement and authorized approval and issuance of compulsory national standards according to law. Develop recommended national standards. Coordinate, guide and supervise the formulation of industry, local and group standards according to law. Carry out standardization international cooperation, participate in the formulation and adopt the international standard.

Be responsible for unified management, inspection and testing. Promote the reform of inspection and testing institutions, standardize the inspection and testing market, improve the inspection and testing system, guide and coordinate the development of the inspection and testing industry.

Be responsible for unified management, supervision and comprehensive coordination of national certification. Build and organize the implementation of the national unified certification and conformity assessment regulation system.

Be responsible for market regulation science and information technology construction, news propaganda, international exchange and cooperation. Undertake relevant technical trade measures according to the regulations.

Manage the National Medical Products Administration and the National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC.
Complete other tasks assigned by the Party Central Committee and the State Council.

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