National Industry Metrology and Testing Center

The National Industry Metrology and Testing Center is a national-level measurement and testing service institution established with the approval of the State Administration for Market Regulation (hereinafter referred to as the SAMR), providing measurement technology innovation and measurement and testing technology services for industrial development in order to meet the industrial development demands, based on the  existing measurement technology institutions and enterprises affiliated to the industry.

In accordance with the overall strategic requirements of the State, the Center continuously innovates the measurement service model, and improves the measurement and testing service capaTbility and level, with the demands as the orientation, with serving and supporting the development of the industry as the mission, and with improving the core competitiveness of the industry as the goal, thereby, providing full traceability chain, full life cycle, full industrial chain and forward-looking measurement technology services for the development of the industry.

The main tasks of the Center include:

1. To conduct the analysis on the industrial measurement and testing demands, deeply understand the status quo and key tasks of industrial development, research the key parameters affecting product performance indicators, and continuously track the industrial measurement and testing technology demands;

2. To comb the traceability of industrial parameter quantity values, compile the traceability table of industrial parameter quantity values, and establish and improve the traceability system of industrial parameter quantity values;

3. To identify the key fields and projects for the development of measurement and testing technology service industry, combining the actual situation of the industry;

4. To conduct the research on the measurement and testing technologies for the quantity value transmission technology with industrial characteristics and key parameters in key fields of the industry, and develop the industrial dedicated measurement and testing equipment;

5. To provide technical services such as calibration, measurement and testing for the life cycle of products;

6. To take the lead to carry out the co-construction of the industrial measurement test platform and the industrial measurement test alliance.