National Measurement Data Center


The National Measurement Data Center is engaged in collecting, collating, and storing scientific data in the measurement field of China, publishing authoritative measurement data, and providing customers with convenient measurement data services. The data from the Data Center includes measurement standard data, measurement research data, primary and measurement standard data, and measurement testing data, which can provide accurate, safe, reliable and authentic measurement big data services for the government, measurement technology institutions, scientific research personnel and related enterprises. In order to adapt to the development of our country’s digital economy, and support the construction of Digital China, the Center will develop into a scientific measurement data center with extensive influence across the world.

The main tasks of the Data Center include:

To collect, collate, analyze and excavate various types of scientific measurement data;

To back up and archive the data output from measurement-related scientific research projects permanently;

To actively carry out data sharing, promote the use of China's characteristic measurement data at home and abroad, and fully demonstrate the value of China's scientific data results;

To serve as a data submission center in the measurement field in China;

To carry out talent cultivation, international cooperation and outward promotion in terms of measurement big data;


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