New Materials Measurement

The team currently has 8 serving members, and 2 of them are at the postdoctoral scientific research station. They are mainly engaged in the metrological research of multi-characteristic parameters of nano materials, carbon materials, thin film materials, thermoelectric materials, polymer materials and metal materials, involving application fields of new energy, electronic information, new display and chemical engineering. At present, the team has established 3 measurement standards, developed 15 national certified reference materials in three major categories; published 4 group standards, 2 national standards, and 1 approved ISO standard; has presided over 1 Versailles Advanced Materials and Standards Project(VAMAS) international comparison, and 1 VAMAS international survey; has participated in 1 APMP/TCMM international comparison, and 3 VAMAS international comparisons; and is currently building a domestic comparison platform and material database platform.

The members  hold an important position in the APMP/TCMM, on VAMAS/TWA41, ISO/TC229, IEC/ TC113, National Technical Committee 279 on Nanotechnology of Standardization Administration of China (SAC/TC 279), Committee for Standardization of Fundamental and Common Technological Area under Zhongguancun Testing and Material Technoligy Alliance (CSTM), and other national or international metrological organizations and standardization organizations.