Isotope Measurement Technology

The Isotope Laboratory of the Chemistry Division was established in 1987. It was included in the first batch of technological innovation teams of NIM in 2011; and in teams of frontier research in 2017. Aiming at the cutting-edge technology of the international measurement and the demands of application fields in terms of orientation and development, the team carries out research on the high-accuracy isotope measurement technology and the construction of measurement standard system, continuously improving the ability to achieve technological innovation.

The team has undertaken and completed a number of science and technology programs of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Natural Science Foundation of China. The measurement technology for the isotope abundance and atomic weight of 11 elements such as selenium and ytterbium has been adopted by IUPAC as the new international standard and the best measurement technology, and the team has been praised as “one of the best teams in the field of isotope measurement, and the one making an important contribution in the isotope science community” by the International Committee on Isotope Abundance and Atomic Weight; in the redefinition of mole of the International System of Units, the team has established a new condensed silicon molar mass measurement technique for the Avogadro constant, and has been identified as the excellent one in international comparisons; the isotope measurement traceability system was initially constructed through the development of isotope reference materials and measurement standards; fifty national calibration and measurement capabilities (CMC) have been recognized internationally; the team has established a long-term cooperative research mechanism with advanced national metrology institutes such as PTB, LGC, and NRC. A number of technical backbones have been exchanged to carry out research work. At present, there are 5 fixed members, all of whom hold doctoral degrees and senior technical titles in this team.