NIM and Fudan University Signed a Cooperation Agreement

Release date: December 12, 2018
On December 7, NIM and Fudan University signed a cooperation agreement at the Jiangwan campus of the university. Fang Xiang, Director of NIM and academician Jin Li, Vice President of Fudan University, signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.

At the signing ceremony, Director Fang Xiang introduced the current situation of NIM. He said that as life sciences put forward requirements for omics data of higher quality, measurement and testing technologies were supposed to actively explore new characterizations to support the needs of accurate characterization in the fields of life sciences, and this cooperation would further promote the research on basic sciences in biological areas by both parties, and was believed to yield fruitful results.

Vice President Jin Li briefed the development of Fudan University and expressed that both sides have built long-term partnerships in scientific research. The signing of this agreement will strengthen existing scientific research cooperation while seeking more collaboration in new areas to transform cutting-edge technologies into a multidisciplinary measurement and standard system.

According to the cooperation framework agreement, both parties will give full play to their respective advantages in multidisciplinary fields such as life sciences, jointly establish and further improve the measurement and standard systems in life sciences, and conduct research on life science and relevant multi-omics technologies. With more accurate, consistent, and effective results from omics data, a world-class life omics laboratory of metrology will provide solid measurement and testing technology support for basic research and experimental development in life sciences and other disciplines.

The signing ceremony
The signing ceremony