Make trace pollutants "invisible"

Environmental monitoring runs through the whole process of pollution control, so to assure the quality of monitoring data and to improve the monitoring technology is very important for a sound environmental evaluation and management. Heavy metals and organic pollutants are the main sources of environmental pollution in China.

To solve this problem, NIM has conducted research on key technologies required for monitoring typical heavy metal elements, element species and persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in water, soil and sediment, and has established a series of high-accuracy detection methods for trace pollutants. Five kinds of sediment and soil matrix standard substances containing 22 characteristic values have been developed, and compared in 2018 to be international equivalent. They have filled the blank of NIM CMCs in environmental field.

These CMCs mean that NIM has expanded its measurement capabilities for complex environmental samples to trace and ultra-trace levels. The CRMS and CMCs developed have been used by the China National Environmental Monitoring Centre and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, providing critical support to environmental monitoring activities.


Precision Measurement Device for Ultra-trace Substance