Optical Properties Measurement and Analysis

The optical properties measurement and analysis (OPMA) laboratory was one of the key labs newly founded at NIM in 2018. Currently, one broad-band tunable laser source system, which is able to tune full automatically in spectral range from (190-4000) nm, has been established, the system will soon have an extension to mid-infrared (IR) ~14um to achieve a crucial useful world-level measurement experiment facility for optical properties applications.

Many research work have been carried out by this lab such as optical properties measurements (Focusing on Ocean exploration, Environment, Semiconductor and Optoelectronics material); electro-Optical (EO) remote sensing (Focusing on EO-sensor Pre-launch/On-site Calibration, radiometric calibration instruments); 3D room spectral reflectance distribution properties (Focusing on establishment of spectral appearances, characterization measurement technology and set-up); artificial Intelligence (AI) measurements (Focusing on development of measurement and calibration technology, instruments, transfer standard for Start-End recognizing of AI) ;differential spectral responsivity of solar cell.

Optical Properties Measurement and Analysis (OPMA) Laboratory