Gravity Acceleration Standard

The Gravity Acceleration Standard Laboratory has established the gravity reference point and measuring origin after holding the global absolute gravimeter comparison in 2017. The scientists at NIM have been studying and establishing the national gravity metrology system and the standard devices. With the key comparison reference value of measurement uncertainty better than 1 microgal (1×10-8 m/s2) as basement and self-developed optical interferometer absolute gravimeter of microgal level as carrier, scientists study on the construction of a 3D micro-gravity-net and continuous gravity change monitoring system, and the establishment of an autonomous and controllable national standard system for gravity measurement, which can provide traceability for global gravity acceleration values.

The lab has more than 40 years of research and fabrication experience on optical corner-cube absolute gravimeters, and actively promotes the transformation of absolute gravity measuring technological achievements.  

In addition, the lab implements technical services and knowledge transfer, served the Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling project and Chinese Continental Environment Construction Monitoring Network project, meet the national needs of resource exploration, geodesy, earthquake prevention and disaster reduction etc.


The global absolute gravimeter comparison in 2017 held by NIM