Chip-scale Quantum Standard and Quantum Sensing

The chip-scale quantum standard and quantum sensing (CSQS) laboratory was founded in 2018 to cope with the SI redefinition. This lab is dedicated to development of chip-scale quantum metrology standards and quantum sensing devices, carries out advanced measurement research for a flat traceability chain. The lab has achieved staged achievements in the fields of precision measurement based on micro-atomic vapor cell and silicon photonic devices, quantum sensing based on atomic/molecular/optical (AMO) physics, micro-nano technologies. In the future, it will follow a roadmap of "key technology tackling - core components miniaturization - system integration", make efforts to provide calibration and measurement service with a flat traceability chain traceable to the SI for precision instrumentation, advanced manufacturing, defense industry, basic research and other fields in China.

MEMS micro-atomic vapor cell for chip-scale quantum standard development