2D Line Scale Work Primary Standard

The lab was built in 2012 and passed the examination of national measurement standard in 2012, the 2D line scale work primary standard was established as the highest standard of the 2D quantity value. The measurement range of the primary standard is 300mm×300mm and the measurement uncertainty is U=(0.10~0.14)μm,k=2, the quantity value can be traced to the primary standard of the laser wave length of meter definition reproduction. The technical specifications reach the international advanced level.  

The lab solved the problems of measurement of ultra-precision photomask in advanced manufacturing industry and the calibration and traceability of widely used noncontact optical image measuring instruments, which has changed the current situation that China is the world's largest IC market but the 2D value of IC must be traced to standards of other countries.

The lab implements technical services and knowledge transfer, provides reliable measurement traceability for the large LCD mask manufacturers, develop bespoke test instruments of standard components for aerospace industry, etc.

High precision 2D coordinates standard instrument