80m Length Standard

The 80m length standard laboratory was established in 2014, houses the “80m indoor length standard device”. The device consists of 81m granite ultra-long precision guide rail system, precision air-floating motion system, laser interferometric length measurement system, air refractive index real-time correction system, image aiming system, motion control and measurement software and multi-function expansion module. The overall uncertainty of the device reaches 0.07μm+0.07×10-8 L(k=2), at the international advanced level.

The device is mainly used for the verification and calibration of standard steel tape, range finder, industrial total station, laser interferometer, laser tracker and other industrial field measuring instrument, and supports the research of emerging technology of large-scale metrology and the accuracy verification of new measuring instruments.

The lab serves the parameter measurement of large components, mounting measurement of airplanes made domestically, fuel cylinder measurement of nuclear power plants, etc.

80m indoor length standard device