Cryogenic Radiometry

Cryogenic Radiometry Lab has been founded since 1996. Currently, two Cryogenic Radiometer (CR) facilities, for spectral responsivity calibrations of detectors in both radiant power and irradiance measurement modes, were established as primary standards. CR facilities calibration spectral range covers from 350 to 2350 nm, with a series of excellent performance laser sources, that are able to calibrate Si-, InGaAs-, Pyroelectric-detectors in ~100 ppm accuracy and will have an extension in infrared (IR) band to make a better measurement of MCT-, InSb-detectors as a result of multiple improvements.

This lab supports wide applications in the radiometric fields related to earth observation, satellite remote sensing, environmental and industrial monitoring, chemical/spectral analysis among other things.

Cryogenic Radiometer (CR) Facility