Nano Metrology

The measurement technology of nano dimension metrology is critical for the nano-technology industry. Standard devices on nano dimension metrology are mainly used for the transmission of nanometer value, and the calibration of nanometer value transmission template, providing accurate transmission and traceability services for nanometer measurement in China, and providing strong technical support for the research and production of nano-technology. The establishment of standard device of nano dimension metrology will not only fill the gap of nano metrology, but also greatly improve China's measurement ability to participate in international comparisons.

With the increase of the size of silicon wafers in IC industry and the emergence of large-scale micro-nano structure and large-scale MEMS devices, the measurement of nano dimension advances from small scale to large scale. The nano dimension standard device expands the measurement range of the measurement standard of 3D nanometer structure and improves the capacity of the measurement standard device of nano dimension. The standard device uses atomic force microscope as the measuring head and integrated laser interferometer to trace the displacement. The standard device has two scanning modes that can be used to transfer and trace the value of nano dimensions from millimeter to nanometer.

Nano dimension Metrology Laboratory