Microwave and Millimeter Wave Metrology

The laboratory mainly engaged in the research of national primary standards and measurement technology on the key parameters in the microwave and millimeter wave band, including the attenuation, noise, scattering parameters and electromagnetic parameters of materials. We have established the 10kHz-110GHz national primary attenuation standard, the 600MHz-40GHz primary noise standard, the 300kHz-325GHz scattering parameter standard and the permittivity standard. The technical indicators have reached the international advanced level, which are widely used in the traceability and calibration of related parameters in the fields of national defense and electrocommunication, etc.

In addition, based on the on-wafer measurement method and the near-field microwave microscopy technology, researches on cutting-edge fields such as the measurement of electronic chips and the characterization of materials at nanoscale have been carried out.

On-wafer measurement device