Cell Metrology

Cell metrology laboratory was established in 2009. It focuses on the metrology of cell quantity, phenotype and activity. Two metrological devices for the quantification of cell activity and microorganism numbers are fabricated preliminarily. 2 kinds of cell typing counting reference materials, 9 kinds of microorganism counting reference materials of bacteria in food and water such as E. coli, were developed. Live Salmonella quantitative method based on flow cytometry and leukocyte classification counting metrological method using microscopic flow cytometry were established. CCQM P205 and APMP P35 pilot study of E. coli in drinking water are coordinated now by our lab. The lab attended 2 microbial and 3 cellular international comparisons and obtained the international equivalence. Two National Standards of cells measurement methods were established. Calibration specifications of 11 kinds of cell measurement instruments such as flow cytometry were also drafted. The lab strongly supports the traceability and comparison of cell measurements in the fields of biomedicine, clinical testing, food and environment in China.

CRMs of escherichia coli in milk powder