Calibration and Metrology Technology of Infrared Remote Sensing

To meet the high demand for the high-quantitative infrared remote sensing loads of the “standard satellite” in terms of climate change monitoring, and of the “Fengyun meteorological satellite” in terms of meteorological forecasts, the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics,CAS and NIM have conducted a lot of collaborative research on calibration and metrology technology of infrared remote sensing, and achieved important research results. Relying on the advantages the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics,CAS in the infrared remote sensing load technology and talent training, and the advantages of NIM in measurement technology and international cooperation, the two institutes have established a "strategic partnership" and set up the "joint laboratory of calibration and metrology technology of infrared remote sensing" (referred to as "Joint Laboratory").

With the key research and development program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, namely “the research on the infrared emission spectral standard load technology” as the entry point, focusing on the related fields like the infrared physics and measurement standards frontier science, infrared detection component technology, infrared remote sensing measurement technology and standard development and new infrared remote sensing load calibration technology, the Joint Laboratory carries out innovative research and international cooperation dealing with major fundamental, common scientific issues and key technologies in the field of infrared remote sensing load calibration. The Joint Laboratory aims to achieve important original results, further enhance China's research and development level in infrared physics and remote sensing technology, and provide scientific and technological support for the harmonious and continuous development of national security, economy and society.

Witnessed by relevant leaders from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the State Administration for Market Regulation, the Joint Laboratory was founded on September 5, 2018.  The first academic meeting of the Joint Laboratory Academic Committee was held in May 2019.


Instruments of the Joint Laboratory



Signing a strategic colloboration agreement