Mass Spectrometry Instrument Engineering Technology

The Mass Spectrometry Instrument Engineering Center relies on NIM. It was approved and established by the former Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in 2016. Focusing on the development and promotion of mass spectrometry instruments, the Center has set up an original mass spectrometry technology R&D base to support the scientific foundation and frontier research in important fields; kept perfecting the engineering, process and standardization of key mass spectrometry components and the whole machine; established the industrialized, full-chain engineering mass spectrometer base in China; carried out the application demonstration and result promotion of new technologies, new methods and new products; worked together with relevant research institutes and instrument enterprises to explore new ways and extensible models with the integration of mass spectrometry technology and economy; made efforts to strengthen the speed and efficiency at which the mass spectrometry technology is transformed into the productivity, thereby improving the independent innovation capability, as well as the equipment and application level of mass spectrometers in China, and serving the construction of an innovative country.

Main Responsibilities

To provide a public R&D platform for the mass spectrometry technology to the relevant fields like product quality inspection, environmental monitoring, food safety testing, biomedicine, and public safety; actively create conditions to absorb and accept relevant organizations and researchers who carry scientific research results, to help them achieve the achievement transformation, engineering research and development, and testing in this Mass Spectrometry Engineering Center.

To establish strategic alliances with key enterprises; promote the transformation and promotion of technological achievements; radiate, transform and spread engineering technology achievements to enterprises, and provide technical services; provide supporting technology and equipment for enterprises’ mass production; and continuously launch series of new products with a high value-added efficiency.

To undertake the mass spectrometry research tasks; carry out research and development of independent innovation-based mass spectrometry instruments and technologies; effectively support basic research and cutting-edge exploration in important fields; and obtain ground-breaking scientific and technological achievements with original innovation.

To actively carry out digestion, absorption and innovation of technologies imported from abroad by virtue of the advantages in engineering research and development and design, to become the technical support for enterprises to absorb foreign advanced technology and improve product quality.

To implement open services; provide services like high-precision mass spectrometry analyzing technical consultation, and instrument performance test evaluation; and train high-quality engineering technology, analytical testing, and engineering management talents in the mass spectrometer industry or field.

To develop special mass spectrometry instruments and technologies to meet the strategic needs of national equipment.

Engineering Technology Development Capability

The Center is dedicated to the localization and engineering of mass spectrometry technology and instruments, and it has possessed comprehensive capabilities in mass spectrometer research and development, including: multi-physics field computer simulation, single-stage and multi-stage vacuum system, electron ionization, electrospray, photoionization plasma source, ion lens and guidance device, high performance quadrupole mass filter, hyperbolic ion traps, ion detection device, quadrupole and ion trap mass spectrometry control system, data processing software, complete quadrupole and ion trap mass spectrometer, as well as transformation and upgrade of commercial mass spectrometers.

There are more than 40 sets of vacuum and electronic system development and testing devices which belong to 18 types, respectively; and 4 sets of commercial mass spectrometry systems such as Orbitrap in the Center.

Research Achievements

The Center’s research team has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award (as the first completion unit) twice, specifically, “Key Technology Innovation and Whole Machine Development of Small Mass Spectrometer” in 2010; and “Key Technology for Precision Measurement of Ultra-trace Substances and its Application” in 2017. Besides, it has also won provincial and ministerial-level science and technology awards four times; published more than 80 academic papers, and obtained 26 invention patents with authorization; and achieved the transformation of the results from a number key technologies for mass spectrometry.


Mass Spectrometry Engineering Center 


Mass Spectrometry Engineering Center