Key Technology Research of Length Quantum Standards

Focusing on the development of the frequency-stabilized laser and the research of the laser frequency stabilization technology, keeping on the basic research and independent innovation, and adhering to the concepts of excellence, in-depth research and close combination with application, the team takes the realization of the length unit meter as the core mission to meet the needs of the state and the society. It has completely mastered the key technologies for the frequency-stabilized laser, and formed a full set of capabilities in the design, research and development, and manufacture of the frequency-stabilized laser. The frequency-stabilized laser developed by the team has covered gas, solid, and semiconductor lasers, with wavelengths ranging from ultraviolet to infrared. Among them, the iodine-stabilized 633 nm He-Ne laser independently developed by the team has reached the international advanced level as the national length standard and served many major scientific research projects. To provide more accurate, stable, and reliable laser wavelength standards for precision measurement and scientific research is the goal of the team. In addition, fruitful results have been achieved in terms of laser interferometry (computational capacitance), diffraction measurement  and laser convergent atomic deposition nano-grating technology based on the frequency-stabilized laser technology.