Instrument development and measurement technology research on nanotech and new materials

Both advanced measurement technologies and independent research and development capabilities of devices and instruments are required to achieve accurate nano metrology and new materials measurement. The team mainly focuses on the research of atomic-scale nano-metrology devices, the development of microscope-based instruments, as well as the research of metrological technologies and the spectral measurement technology and instruments for material characterization.

The research of the team will further improve China's existing nano-metrology and transmission system, expand the geometric quantity transmission system for nano-metrology to the atomic scale, and establish a new generation of atomic-scale measurement standard system. The research based on the microscopic measurement technology will focus on solving the consistency of the traceability of various types of microscopic quantity values in nano-metrology, developing the TERS technology to improve the material composition and the morphology characterization resolution. The research based on the spectral measurement method and instruments can develop nanometer materials’ measurement capability  in terms of principles, methods and technologies, so that we have the ability to carry out high-resolution and high-accuracy measurement of nano-film and micro-nano-region material characteristics, thus breaking the situation that the performance testing of key materials in our country depends on instruments imported.