Infrared Remote Sensing

Focusing on major fundamental and common scientific issues and key technologies, the team has conducted innovative research and international cooperation in the fields of advanced science of infrared remote sensing measurement technology and standard development and new infrared remote sensing load calibration technology. The team has built the vacuum radiance temperature standard facility (VRTSF), which has carried out a large number of measurement and calibration services for FY-3 Meteorological Satellite, FY-4 Meteorological Satellite, GF-5 Satellite, resource and ocean satellite infrared remote sensing, significantly supporting the development of high-quantitative space remote sensing technology in China. Based on the international temperature scale realization technology, the team has been working on the development of infrared space standard, which has laid an important technical foundation for the development of the future standard satellite technology. The team has undertaken the development of space black body radiation sources for many types of tasks, including Fengyun III 05 hyperspectral atmospheric imager, moderate-resolution spectrometer, etc., to meet the high-precision calibration needs of China's high-precision quantitative infrared.