China Standard Time

The China Standard Time Research Team was established in July 2017. It consists of six members, including 3 researchers and 3 associate researchers,  team leader is Zhang Aimin. The main research objectives of the team include the improvement and enhancement of the national time-frequency  standard UTC (NIM); the establishment and maintenance of China standard time; time-frequency comparison, transmission, traceability, and link calibration, as well as Beidou time monitoring. Since the establishment of the team, all the members have actively studied new methods and technologies for time-keeping and time-frequency transmission, focusing on the research objectives of the team, therefore, the technical performance of the national time-frequency standard UTC (NIM) has been continuously improved. The team has actively participated in the national time-frequency system construction project, and carried out the preliminary experimental verification on the  China's standard time; carried out the research on transmission, link calibration and monitoring of Beidou time.