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NIM5, the first Chinese cesium fountain clock to steer world time

NIM5, a cesium fountain clock established by the NIM, was approved to be “included in the report and calculation of TAI” by the BIPM.  It is China'...

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The MIKES delegation visits NIM

September 27th, a delegation of MIKES, Finland visited the National Institute of Metrology (NIM). The two sides had a talk on future cooperations especially in energy and environment related research areas.

  • Dr. Wu Jinjie from the National Institute of Metrology, China (NIM) was presented with the APMP IIZUKA Young Metrologist Prize of the year 2014.  He ranked the first among the all 5 nominees for...

  • The 6th Meeting of the International Advisory Board (IAB) of the National Institute of Metrology, China (NIM) came to a successful conclusion on August 29 in Beijing. All 6 members of the Board...

  • AQSIQ offcial announced on August 4 that Mr. Fang Xiang has been appointed Director of NIM. Mr. Zhang Yukuan, after successfully fulfilling his 7-year term as...