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BCEIA conference and workshop on Oct.23-26,2013 2013-05-19

the 15th International Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis (BCEIA 2013) will be held in Beijing on Oct. 23-26, 2013. A workshop with the theme of "Chemical Metrology and Reference Materials" will be held on Oct. 24-25 as a s...

  • NIM Delegation Attends the 12th ACRM Meeting in Gyeongju, Korea 2013-05-19

    The 12th ACRM meeting was held in the end of Aug, 2012 at Gyeongju, Korea. It is a technical meeting in which members from NIM, KRISS and NMIJ get together to discuss international cooperation and development of CRMs. A 5-person delegation from...

  • Experts From NIST and BIPM Visite the Division of Chemical Metrology and Analytical... 2013-05-19

    Experts from NIST and BIPM are invited to visit NIM in Nov, 2012. Cooperation in fields of bio- and clinical measurement, inorganic measurement as well as food safety measurement has been discussed. The discussed cooperation projects will be in...

  • A Cooperation Agreement is Signed between NIM and LGC 2013-05-19

    A cooperation agreement between LGC Limited, UK and NIM, China was signed in Nov, 2011 at NIM, as appendix to the MoU between the two institutes. Proposals have been agreed on including cooperation works in fields of organic chemistry, inorganic...

  • A Cooperation Agreement is Signed Between BAM and NIM 2013-05-19

    3    A cooperation agreement between BAM and NIM was signed in July, 2011 as appendix to the MoU between the two institutes. The agreement is about cooperation in high pure metal analysis and research of mass spectrometry techniques.