Division of Chemical Metrology and Analytical Science

Division of Chemical Metrology and Analytical Science


Division of Chemical Metrology & Analytical Science is tasked with developing, improving and maintaining national measurement standards, research of reference materials and analytical methods in fields of organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and food safety measurements. The Division participated into international comparisons to establish and improve the dissemination and traceability system of quantity value of chemical measurements and provide verification, calibration and testing services to customers as well as technical...

Director's Greeting

The research activities of the division are chemical measurement and analytical science ranging from fundamental to applied researches in 8 areas, such as basic researches on the primary of isotopic abundance and single crystal silicon molar mass and lattice parameter; Purity determination of high purity materials; measurement for food safety, environment, clinical medicine, forensic science as well as for industry and commerce; development of small sized instruments of mass spectrometry

News and Events

  • BCEIA conference and workshop on Oct.23-26,2013

    the 15th International Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis (BCEIA 2013) will be held in Beijing on Oct. 23-26, 2013. A workshop with the theme of "Chemical Metrology and Reference Materials" will be held on Oct. 24-25 as a s...


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