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International Key Comparison Is Carried out in NIM 2013-05-15

International Key Comparison-CCEM.RF-K25.W: RF Power From 33 to 50 GHz In Waveguide is carrying out in NIM.Within this new key comparison, both effective efficiency and calibration factor, i.e. the characteristic quantities of RF power sensors, ar...

  • Open Area Test Site Under Final Evaluation 2013-05-15

    A world class open area test site (OATS) is under its final evaluation for flatness and performances in Changping Campus, NIM, in November,2012. It consists of a metal ground plane with dimensions of 60 m by 40 m and a triangular shaped stainless...

  • A Cooperation Document is Signed Between NPL and NIM 2013-05-15

    In Oct. 2012, NIM and NPL signed a cooperating document to start a project to develop measurement facilities for antenna gain and cross-polarization measurement in our Changping Campus, NIM. It will be based on the three-antenna extrapolation...

  • NIM Developed New TVCs for Standard Improvement 2013-05-15

    Recently, NIM has developed a series of coaxial thermal voltage converters (TVCs) for RF voltage to improve the national low-frequency voltage primary standard. The improved specification is as below:Frequency Range: 30 kHz-50MHz Voltage Range: 0...