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Programme and Project
  • New Generation of Vibration National Standards

    The new generation of vibration national standards is accordance with ISO 16063-1, We realized the units of acceleration in the frequency range from 0.1 Hz to 50 kHz using standard measuring devices (national standards) which generate and measure...

  • Acoustic Emission Sensor Calibration

    A reciprocity and optical calibration system of acoustic emission sensor were developed, as well as the Face to Face method. The project tries to study the result difference of different methods, and got their consistency.

  • Very High Frequency Hydrophone Calibration by Optical Methods

    The aim of this study is to realize the high frequency sound pressure in water by optical methods, including Michelson interferometer and laser Doppler techniques.

  • Establishment of 100 kN Deadweight Force Standard Machine

    100 kN deadweight force standard machine will be accomplished in the end of 2012 at NIM. This machine is capable of realizing force from 1 kN to 110 kN with 1 kN force step both in compression and tension. 31 pieces of weights of the machine can...