Dr. Wang Jing


Deputy Director of Division of Medical and Biological Measurement


Ph.D., China Agriculture University, China

Employment History

Division of Medical and Biological Measurement

Awards and Honors

5 S&T awards from AQSIQ, 2005-2008


Dr. Wang Jing

Curriculum Vitae

Dr Wang Jing is the Deputy Director of Division of Medical and Biological Measurement, National Institute of Metrology (NIM). She gained S&T award of AQSIQ 5 times from 2005 to 2008 and have contributed in establishing 11 national standards.

She was AOAC International Member, CCQM-BAWG member, ISO members of the Council Task Force on Biotechnology, secretary-general and national Olympic Experts of food safety high-technology. And she is also the National Technical Committee of Biometrology (NTCB)’s secretary-general and expert of China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories.


Research Projects

  • Key Technology Standard Research of National 10th Five-Year Plan: Research on Measurement Technology and Standard of Food, Chinese Traditional Medication and Natural Products Effective Ingredient.
  • Metrology Standard Platform of National 11th Five-Year Plan: Construct S & T basis condition platform, establish system of biochemistry metrological standard resources integration and share, which including reference material, reference methods, standards and etc.

  • National Science and Technology key project of Study on the traceblity and delivery techonlogy of biosafety in 2008.