NIM Researcher Head of Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory


Head of Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory


PhD of Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Employment History

Division of Chemical Metrology and Analytical Science, NIM

Awards and Honors

2nd National Prize for Natural Science(1997), 3rd National Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress(1999), 2nd National Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress(2011)




Dr. Wang Jun

Professional experience:


My research has been focused on the research of chemical metrology as well as the research and application of mass spectrometry techniques for more than twenty years. There are several aspects as follows:

  •  - To establish the primary measurement methods of isotope dilution mass spectrometry and the absolute mass spectrometry, develop the national primary reference materials by using these primary methods. To study the basic theory for traceability of chemical measurement results and quality assurance.

  •  - To study the determination of the atomic weight by means of absolute mass spectrometry. The measurement results of the atomic weight of Sb, Eu, Ce, Er, Dy, Zn, Sm, and Nd have been recommended as new international reference standard values by the IUPAC Commission on Atomic Weights and Isotopic Abundances.

  •  - To study the application of mass spectrometry techniques in chemical metrology, such as development certified reference materials of food, environment, and biology and so on.

  •   - To participate in CIPM-CCQM interlaboratory comparisons in respect of food, environment, materials and biology.

  •   - To establish and revises the verification, calibration regulations for instruments and the development of relative certified reference materials.


Memberships in professional societies:

  •  - Member of Chinese Mass Spectrometry Society 

  •  - Member of inorganic analysis working group of the consultative committee for amount of substance (IAWG/CCQM)
  •  - Member of TC24 of International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO)