NIM researcher Director of Division of Nanometrology and Advanced Material


Director of Division of Nanometrology and Advanced Material


Ph.D. of Tianjin University

Employment History

Division of Nanometrology and Advanced Material




Prof. Gao Sitian

Curriculum Vitae

Gao Sitian, male, was born on 25th June, 1962. He has been a research fellow and Director of Division of Nonometrology and Advance Material Measurement, National Institute of Metrology since 1984. He was appointed as part-time professor of Beijing Institute of Technology from 2008 and appointed as part-time professor and Ph.D. advisor of Hefei University of Technology from 2010.

Main Research Area

Nanometrology, Matrial Metrology, Length measurement, Surface Roughness and On-time Dimensional Measurement. Having more than 30 Papers and being responsible for more than 20 projects. The project "Metrological atomic force microscope nano-measuring system" got the second prize for the scientific and technological progress by AQSIQ in 2006.


Other Activities and Memberships

The Chairman of ISO/TC1 Screw Thread Technical Committee; The member of working group for nanometrology of Consultative Committee of Length, International Committee for Weights and Measures(WG-N/CCL/CIPM); The member of the Working group of Material Metrology. Asia-Pacific Metrology Programme (WGMM/APMP); The member of Chinese standardization specialist committee; The vice chair of national technical committee of dimension and length metrology; The vice chair of special committee of dimension committee, the Chinese metrological measuring institute; The leader of working group for measuring and testing technology, the national technical committee of nanotechnology.