Chair Researcher, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering


laser cooling - cesium fountain clocks


Ph.D of Tsinghua Univ

Employment History

Division of Time and Frequency, NIM

Awards and Honors

1st Prize of National Sci. & Tech. Progress Award, 2006 2nd Prize of National Sci. & Tech. Progress Award, 2002 3rd Prize of National Sci. & Tech. Progress Award, 1995


Dr. Li Tianchu

Curriculum Vitae

He was awarded the National Sci. & Tech. Progress Award of China First Grade in 2006, Second Grade in 2002 and Third Grade in 1995 respectively.


Since 1997 Dr. Li and his group have developed 3 laser cooling - cesium fountain clocks as primary frequency standard of this country to realize the definition of the time unit second; in 2008 he involved in experiment of steering the time scale UTC-c(NIM) by Cs fountain clock; from 2002 he planed and supervised the construction of a femto-second optical comb based on Ti-Sapphire laser, precise transferring standard frequency by means of optical fiber link, and development of a strontium lattice optical clock.

In 80s and 90s of last decade Dr. Li suggested and realized some schemes and techniques: fiber sensing using semi-coherent optical interferometry, Interferometric approach technique for determining refractive index of liquid samples, calibration of small angle interferometers, self-leveling method using a suspended mirror to realize optical leveling standard, a practical technique for determining the phase change of light reflected on optical surfaces et al. He also investigated the design principle for laser interference refractometers, relative uncertainty limit of length measurements by use of laser interferometry.

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