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Scholar Exchange and Cooperation in Optical Metrology between NIM and KRISS

        Invited by the Optical department of National Institute of Metrology (NIM), Dr. Dong-Joo Shin from Korea Institute of Standard and Science (KRISS) visited NIM in April 14-19, 2013. During the visit, the both sides have a deep discussion in academic exchange. The discussion not only focuses on the tri-lateral international comparison between KRISS, VNIIOFI, and NIM on "spectral radiance in the wavelength from 250 nm to 2500 nm", also plans for the bilateral cooperation in optical metrology between NIM and KRISS in the future.

        Dr. Shin has been working in KRISS for more than 20 years. He is an expert in photometry and radiometry and also the responsible person in charge of the tri-lateral spectral radiance comparison.

        In the morning of April 15, Lin Yan Dong, director of Optical division, introduced the recent progress in optical metrology in NIM and the developing areas in the future. In the afternoon, optical division held a work shop. Dr. Shin gave two presentations- “Photometry and Radiometry in KRISS” and “Spectral irradiance and radiance measurement at KRISS” and showed the current status in photometry and radiometry in KRISS. After the presentation, participants discussed the technical details in the optical measurements, such as LED, total flux, colorimetry et al. In the end, the possible cooperation field in future was talked over in detail.

       In the morning of April 16, Dr. Shin visited the Changping Campus laboratories, such as the Cryogenic radiometer lab, the Terahertz lab, Solar photovoltaic lab, and the lab of primary standard of spectroradiometry. The lab of primary standard of spectroradiometry keeps the primary standard of spectral radiance and spectral irradiance in the spectral region from 250 nm to 2500 nm. In order to make sure the consistency in the ongoing spectral radiance comparison, the optical setup, the signals of the spectral measurement and the polarization effect are seriously discussed. Also, both sides talked about the irradiance measurement of UVA radiometer, the calibration and measurement of the spectroradiometer.

        The visit of Shin is the first scholar exchange in optical field between NIM and KRISS since 2000. The communication prompts the both sides to have a deep understanding of each other and learn something new thanks to the difference in respective optical metrology. The both sides plans to develop cooperation in UV irradiance measurement, the spectroradiometer, the correlated photon, the bandpass radiometer, the solar photovoltaic, reflectance and transmission measurement, total flux and candela. In summary, the visit is a good beginning to launch long term cooperation in future.