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NRC Officer Visited the Division

From October 14 to November 3, 2012, Dr. Eddy So from National Research Council (NRC) Canada was invited to visit and work at NIM China. As a principal research officer of NRC and an IEEE Fellow, Dr. Eddy So is in charge of a High Voltage Power/Energy Measurements project/program of the Electrical Power Measurements Group in NRC-MSS. He has got 15 patents (sole inventor of 10). 10 of them are transformed into commercial measurement instruments, which have been manufactured by 3 licensed Canadian instrument manufacturers. Many of his developments of current-comparator-based instruments are used by NRC as national standards for in-house and on-site calibrations for active/reactive power and energy meters, instrument transformers, high direct current (DC) measurements, impedances, DC resistances/shunts, electrostatic voltmeters, high voltage transformer loss measuring systems, as well as for accurately determining load losses at low power factors such as in high voltage inductive shunt reactors and large power transformers. He is former chair of CPEM Executive Committee and also is former chair of Power System Instrumentation and Measurements Technical Committee of the IEEE Power Energy Society. He is a member of several IEEE standard committees, and contributed actively to the write-up of 9 IEEE Standards/Guides.

Dr. Eddy So visited both Division of Electricity and Magnetism and Division of Engineering Metrology and Testing Technology. He exchanged ideas with technical workers and scientists of the divisions and discussed about R&D program planning and implementation, tasks and targets of NMIs in areas of high voltage power/energy measurements. He also provided detailed proposals/guides to HV projects. What’s more, he participated in high voltage seminar for provincial metrology institutes, organized by China Institute of Metrology and Measurement Organization.