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A Project of the Division Won First Prize of AQSIQ in 2011

The project of Research and Establishment of the Ultra- low frequency Vibration National Standard Device was awarded first prize of AQSIQ Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2011. The Ultra- low frequency Vibration National Standard Device is self-developed for the first time in domestic and abroad.

The standard is characterized as a broad range of displacement (up to 1m in the horizontal direction and 0.1 m in the vertical direction), lowest frequency value to 0.002 Hz, maximum sensor mass of 30 kg, and smaller acceleration distortion to 1 %. The complex sensitivity (magnitude and phase shift) of precise accelerometers (Servo-accelerometers) can be measured with a measurement uncertainty of 0.3% to 1.0% and 0.3° to 1.0°, using homodyne laser interferometry in accordance with ISO 16063-11. The standard can meet the needs of traceability for ultra-low frequency vibration transducers and measuring instruments, such as seismographs, human-vibration meters and servo-accelerators and so on. These transducers and instruments are widely used in many fields, such as aviation and aerospace, seismological observation, environmental monitoring, geological exploration, Structural Dynamics and biomedicine, etc.

Self-developed ultra-low frequency vibration standard combination(servo accelerometer and conditional amplifier)provides transfer standard and checking standard for low frequency vibration traceability system. In 2009 it is successfully applied in domestic low-frequency vibration comparisons. It was identified by APMA as transfer standard for international comparison in 2010, which played an important role in international supplementary comparisons in low frequency vibration APMP.AUV.V-S1 piloted by NIM from 2010 to 2011.