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The First Ultra-Precision Diameter and Form Measurement Machine in China is Built by NIM

The division has developed an ultra-precision diameter and form measurement standard machine. It is the first time that China has obtained the ability in ultra-precision measurement for comprehensive parameters of diameter and forms. The measurement uncertainty of the standard machine reaches international advanced level. It is based on error separation technique and ultra-precision diameter measurement methods, which can solve the problems in precision measurement for diameter, roundness, linearity and cylindricity of rotational parts.

Precision revolving components are one of the most basic but most important parts in modern precision machinery. Some of them are key components which directly determine assembling accuracy. In recent years,with rapid development of the ultra-precision manufacturing, the current measurement capacity and devices cannot meet the calibration and test requirement of dimension, form and surface quality of precision revolving components in the ultra-precision manufacturing. It limits the formation of productivity chain of ultra-precision instruments. To break this impasse through, NIM’s researchers carry out research works on ultra-precision diameter to build a comprehensive measurement standard machine. They choose diameter and form as the key parameters, which influence the most in production and which are urgently needed to be unified, to perform the studies.


The development of this machine and the research of its evaluation methods provide a powerful technology support for reducing measurement uncertainty for diameter and form,  effectively monitoring imported diameter and form machines and promoting its utilization.

Additionally, the work has magnificent importance in editing and revising our GPS standard and in enhancing our core competitiveness of precision machine manufacturing.