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Project: Fullerene Measurement in Raman Spectrum is Concluded

Project: Fullerene Measurement in Raman Spectrum is honored with a third prize CAIA award by China Association for Instrument Analysis (CAIA). It is the first time a research group using Raman spectrum to measure fingerprint spectrum of embedded fullerene. It revealed structures of embedded fullerenes with a similar formation (Sc3NC@C80-Ih, Sc3N@C80-Ih and Sc3C2@C80-Ih) and determined the characteristic fingerprint spectrum of the kernel clusters Sc3NC is a serial of ~468cm-1 Raman spectrum. Simulation result obtained by theoretical calculation has verified the reliability and accuracy of the experiment method. It also revealed that Raman spectral measurement method can be used for structural characterization of embedded fullerene molecules.

Moreover, a multi-point calibration model and multi-point calibration uncertainty evaluation model has been carried out in the subject. We changed uncertainty evaluation method by single points fitting to a method with multi-point within the whole frequency shift measurement scope. Using Raman spectrum to measure typical fullerenes structure has filled in the blank for the nation and the measurement quality has reached an international advanced level.



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