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UTC(NIM) Has been Successfully Running for 1 Year in Changping Campus

 Installation of facilities in the clock room at new campus(Changping campus) has been finished. cc Since Oct 14th., the original H-Maser(Symmetricom MHM-2010, No.35) in the master clock of UTC(NIM) at Hepingli campus has been replaced by another H-maser(Symmetricom MHM-2010, No.71) at Changping campus. The link data and the clock data are submitted to BIPM FTP servers for regular UTC and rapid UTC comparison from Oct 15th, 2011. At present, clock data from 7 Cs clocks (5071A) and 6 H-Masers (MHM-2010) are provided to BIPM for international TAI corporation.