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NIST Project Leader Lehman visited NIM Laser Radiometry Lab

NIST laser radiometry project leader John Lehman stayed in NIM for a 7-day visit from May 6 to May 12. During the visit, he met NIM optical metrology experts to discuss modern laser measurement technology and potential collaborations between NIST and NIM.


During his stay, Lehman participated in calibrating a new type of laser power meter based on vertically aligned carbon nanotube array (VANTA) materials at 633 nm wavelength with NIM laser radiometry project leader Ma Chong and Gan Haiyong, and compared its performance with one of the prototypes he developed at NIST.

Lehman, Ma and Gan extended the comparison work at 2.5 THz and 492 GHz in a lab of Research Institute of Superconducting Electronics at Nanjing University and Millimeter and Sub-millimeter Wave Lab at Purple Mountain Observatory, respectively. The performance of the two independently developed broadband detectors agreed with each other, with a difference of less than 5%.

Lehman also met Xu Tao and Wang Yanping to discuss laser pulse energy bilateral comparison. Besides, he met NIM Optics Division deputy director Lin Yandong and academic group leader Li Ping to talk about future collaboration on Cryogenic Radiometer employing advanced radiation absorbing coating materials for extended spectrum and improved performance.