A solar cell IV characteristic measure method is developed through this project: firstly, select ...

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Standard Solar Cell Manufacture



A solar cell IV characteristic measure method is developed through this project: firstly, select a standard solar cell similar as reference to the measured solar cell spectral response and set irradiance of solar simulator under standard test conditions; secondly, measure IV curve of the solar cell under the solar simulator. The standard solar cell is the basis of entire solar cells testing. We prepared standard solar cell test data which can be traced to national benchmarks and standards.



Main technical parameters of solar cell are its spectral response, short-circuit current, open-circuit voltage and photoelectric conversion efficiency. In solar cells measurement process, the following two steps are usually adopted: firstly, measure the short-circuit current and IV characteristic in standard solar spectrum; secondly calculate its photoelectric conversion efficiency with the standard solar spectrum.


Authority of the standard solar cells in China is not available yet. Therefore, many domestic PV manufacturers and research institutions have no choice but to look for a variety of packaged batteries and sent them to US NERL or Germany PTB for authorization or/and calibration. However, these cost manufacturers and institutions too much time and money some of them are just intolerable.


After conclusion of the project, our laboratory can now provide standard 2cm×2cm mono-crystalline silicon solar cells. Production process of the standard cells are in strict accordance with national benchmarks and standards. It is fully sealed with high stability. Aluminum shell (size 10.3cm×7.4cm×1.4cm) is adopted for high transmittance quartz glass. Solar cells with four-terminal output wiring have similar precision as high as imported solar cell of class K.


Testing certification can be provided for the following parameters: (under standard conditions) Isc, Voc, Imax, Vmax, Pmax, FF, Eff, Sr, IV characteristic curves. Test data can be traced to national benchmark standards.


The project has been approved by CNAS.