Energy Related Measurement


Energy related measurements cover projects and research works of the following aspects: Photovoltaic Cell Measurement • Reference PV cells • PV cell assembly calibration • Outdoor PV cell testingLED Measurement  • Accurate measurement of near- and far-field averaged luminous intensity of single-chip LEDs • Accurate measurement of LED chromaticity coordinate, dominant wavelength and Color Rendering Index • A small gonioradiometer for LED total...

  • Facility Establishment for Hot Water Flow...

    A new hot water flow facility is being built. Its flow rate range is (0.03~600) m3/h, and its temperature range is (5~90)℃. This project will be completed at the end of year 2012. The diameter range of this facility is from DN 6 to DN 250. The...

  • Standard Solar Cell Manufacture

    A solar cell IV characteristic measure method is developed through this project: firstly, select a standard solar cell similar as reference to the measured solar cell spectral response and set irradiance of solar simulator under standard test...

International Cooperation

  • The lab participated in theThird U.S.- China Energy Efficiency Forum, energy efficiency standards and labeling for equipment and appliances on June 13 in beijing, 2012, and make a keynote speech of Research on the Measurement Accuracy of Energy...

  • Supervision and Inspection of Implementation of EEL (energy efficiency label) in Market is a sub-project of Component A (Industry) of China End Use Energy Efficiency Project(EUEEP). The project is mainly on the supervision and inspection of...

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

High Voltage Electrical Energy Measurement Standard The relative uncertainty of in-house measurement standard is better than 0.02%. The uncertainty of on-site calibration is better than 0.05%, while the inline calibration uncertainty is better than 0.2%.

Water flow primary standard in the range of (0.01~200)m3/h with expanded relative uncertainty of 0.05% (k=2)

Bell prover gas flow primary standard in the range of (0.3~120)m3/h with expanded relative uncertainty of 0.2% (k=2)

PVTt method gas flow primary standard in the range of (1~1300)m3/h with expanded relative uncertainty of 0.05% (k=2).

Solar Cell Measurement Standard

Calibration System for Flue Analyzers and Combustion-efficiency Analyzers

Valuation Transfer and Tracing for Water Content in Petroleum


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