Micro/Nano Technology


Nano-scale Measurements cover 9 projects in 4 areas, collaborated with partners –Dimensional:  248 nm DUV 2D Microscope, Metrological SEM, CD AFM, CRMs of Linewidth
–Chemical: CRMs of Carbon Nanotubes & Nanoparticles (<100nm),   CRMs of Specific Surface Area, CRMs for Surface Analysis,  Evaluation of the Biological Effects of Carbon  Nanotube
–Mechanic:   E1 Class Weights in μg range,   Micro&Nano Force Standard –...

  • Study of Large-Range Nano-Geometry Measurement...

    The project is supported by Nonprofit Industry-specific Project organized by Ministry of Finance. The aim is to develop a nano-geometry measurement standard within a measurement range of 50×50×2mm3. The standard is established to serve for...

International Cooperation

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

Nano-scale grating pitch calibrating device: U=0.5nm, k=2

Standard For Nano Geometric Structure: (x, y, z) = (70, 15, 7) μm,  Step height: U=(1+2×10-4H)nm, k=2; Pitch: U=(1+2×10-4L)nm, k=2



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