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Energy related measurements cover projects and research works of the following aspects:


Measurement for Energy Conservation

Hot water heat metrology

Oil product metrology

•Wind speed metrology

On-line large water flow measurement in the Three Gorges Dam


Photovoltaic Cell Measurement

• Reference PV cells

• PV cell assembly calibration

• Outdoor PV cell testing


LED Measurement

• Accurate measurement of near- and far-field averaged luminous intensity of singl e-chip LEDs

• Accurate measurement of LED chromaticity coordinate, dominant wavelength and Color Rendering Index

• A small gonioradiometer for LED total luminous flux realization and spatial intensity distribution absolute measurement


High-voltage Electric Power Measurements technologies

•To develop the kV/1000 A high-voltage electric power standard, as well as the on-site calibration facility which has been installed and operated in the State Grid since 2011

• To solve the problems of in-door verification of high-voltage power measuring instruments by using practical grid parameters, as well as the on-line verification/calibration of electric power measuring instruments under practical high-voltage conditions

• Applicable to real-time monitoring of the grid and providing more accurate electric power data