The mission of Laboratory of Medical Imaging and Information Technologies is to carry out research on medical imaging and IT related technologies; to study, establish and maintain metrological standard/primary standard devices for medical imaging and IT related fields. The specific tasks are listed as below.

¨         To research evaluation methods and process for the image quality of different types of medical imaging devices,...

  • Research of CT Image Quality Influence Factors and...

    This program is based on phantom experiments to set up relationships between CT scanning parameters and image quality, and form the CT images’ quantification assessment method, which will realize the transition from subjective method to objective...

There is no completed project.

International Cooperation

  • The lab Cooperated with FLUKE, we will establish Medical Metrology Calibration Stations, this series of stations will be put into use in 2013.

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

Infusion Pump Testers Calibration Standard.

Ventilator Tester Calibration Standard



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