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Gas lab was founded in 1964. At present, it has 18 staff members forming 3 groups: research group, CRMs preparation group and test/calibration group. It was accredited by CNAS in 1999 (ISO 17025) and went through peer reviews two times in 2004 and 2009 respectively.

The mission of the lab is: to research and maintain national gas measurement standards; to provide certified reference materials (CRMs), gas analysis service and...

  • Development of Synthetic Natural Gas Reference Materials

    The project aims to research and develop high precision synthetic natural gas reference materials. The synthetic natural gas reference materials consist of more than ten components, from C1 through C8, whose relative expanded uncertainty relatied...

  • Development of NO2 and NH3 Reference Materials

    NO2 and NH3 are typical air pollutants. Detecting concentration of NO2 and NH3 is necessary in air quality improvement works. Development of NO2 and NH3 reference materials will ensure traceability of measurement results. In this project, NO2 in...

  • Preparation of VOCs Gas Standards

    Indoor air quality inspection and monitoring plays an important role in people’s health and quality of life. Prepare related certified reference materials (CRMs) are a basic job to guarantee...

International Cooperation

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

Gas lab has taken part in 31 international key and supplementary comparisons. Till 2012, it has already had 67 CMCs. There are nine national standards for gas measurement in this lab, including Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide Infrared Gas Analyzer, Vehicle Exhaust Emission Measuring Instrument, Detectors of  Combustible Gas, Carbon Monoxide Detector, Stake Gas Analyzer, O2 Analyzer,CH2O Analyzer,Gas Chromatography and O3 Analyzer.



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