Division of Nano Merology and Materials Measurement

Division of Nano Merology and Materials Measurement


The missions of Physical Chemistry Lab are as follows: (1) To develop, maintain and improve national measurement standards including certified reference materials (CRMs) in fields of classical physical chemistry, energy products’ physicochemical properties and surface & interface chemical analysis; (2) To participate in international comparisons to ensure the traceability and international equivalence of national measurement standards; (3...

  • Reference Gas Calorimeter for Natural Gas

    Based on experience of national primary standard of calorific value of solid material, an isoperibol-type gas calorimeter will be founded. The heat capacity of the calorimeter is calibrated through electric energy. The mass of gas is weighed by...

  • Key Metrological Techniques for Bioethanol

    This program is focused on primary standard and method for these quantities and has produced a series of CRMs to satisfy the needs of related industrial field.It has investigated a method to determine water content of different types of liquid,...

International Cooperation

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

Primary Standard of Acidity (pH): PH=1 ~ 13, T= 0℃ ~ 95℃, U=0.005pH (k=3)

Primary Standard of Combustion Heat: U<0.02% (k=2)

Primary Standard for Electrolytic Conductivity: 20μS/cm ~ 100000μS/cm, U=0.08%~0.2% (k=2)

Primary Standard for Viscosity: 1mm2/s~1000000mm2/s, U=0.10%~0.50% (k=2)



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