Timekeeping Lab is a branch of Division of Time and Frequency in NIM. Its tasks are to study, establish and maintain the national time and frequency primary standard and other related standards.

National Time and Frequency Primary Standard is established and kept by the lab by a set of equipment named atomic time scale primary standard equipment, whose code is UTC(NIM).  UTC(NIM) is involved in the international atomic time...

  • Calibration for GNSS Receivers and Simulators

    The project aims to study on calibration methods for GNSS receivers and simulators to ensure GNSS terminal and generator’s conformity and value traceability, and especially to ensure the precision in time and frequency transfer.

  • Study in New Technologies for Time and Frequency Transfer

    The project aims to study GNSS time and frequency transfer algorithm and develop GPS carrier phase processing method for time and frequency transfer.  It also aims to make preparation for development in COMPASS receiver for time and frequency...

International Cooperation

There is no international cooperation.

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

There is no National Measurement Standards and CMCs.



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