The microwave frequency standard group maintains the primary frequency standards for China. The current primary frequency standard is cesium fountain clock NIM5, with an uncertainty of 2×10-15. The next generation of fountain clock is being designed, with a target uncertainty to be better than 1×10-15. An ultra stable laser is being built aiming to posses a short term stability of about 10-15 from 1 to 100 seconds. An optical comb will be...

  • Development of Laser Cooling Cs Fountain Primary Frequency...

    Project was supported by the National Major Fundamental Research Program of China (Grant No. G99-B-14, 1999-2003) First grade of National Sci. & Tech. Progress Award of China (2005) NIM4 is the first Cs fountain clock in China; the type B...

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National Measurement Standards and CMCs

Primary Frequency Standard NIM5



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