Optical Fiber Communication and Optical Detection Laboratory develops, maintains and improves national measurement standards for fiber optic power and spectral responsivity, participates in related international comparisons and conducts measurement researches in fields including fiber optic power, polarization, transmission characteristics and dynamic characteristics calibration. It is responsible for measurement standard for photovoltaic...

  • Measurement System for Solar Cells’ I-V Characteristic

    The measurement system includes a solar simulator, an I-V trace, and a reference solar cell used for calibrating irradiation through short circuit current. The maximum power and photoelectric parameters of tested solar cells can be measured by...

  • Calibration of Various Kinds of Solar Simulator's Light Source

    The measurement system is established according to IEC 60904-9:2007 (Photovoltaic devices–Part 9: Solar simulator performance requirements), including: spectral mismatch, non-uniformity of...

  • Optical Property Measurement System

    The measurement system includes a solar simulator, an I-V tracer for PV module and a sSupport frame with cooling fans used to control the temperature of module.

  • Outdoor System of PV Modules’ Power Measurement

    The system is used to measure PV module photoelectric characteristic outdoor. The result can be compared with the one under a solar simulator, so its reliability can be ensured.

  • Fiber Optic Power Calibration System

    The project has established a fiber optic power calibration system, traceability replaced with a cryogenic radiometer from the Absolute Radiometer, the measurement uncertainty is about 3.5E-3, the...

International Cooperation

  • The laboratory cooperates with NIST in the field of optical power calibration, through bilateral comparison to ensure the accuracy and reliability of fiber optic power.

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

Measurement Standard of Respective Spectrum Responsivity For Detector From (300-1600)Nm
uncertainty is following:

300nm-400nm 5%(k=3)

400nm-1000nm 2%(k=2)

1000-1600nm 3%(k=2)

Fiber Power Calibration System has the abilities to carry out fiber optic power attenuation calibration, linearity measurements, optical return loss measurement, polarization measurement, polarization extinction ratio measurement etc.



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