Spectrophotomety & Optical Material Metrology Laboratory’s fundamental tasks are to determine spectral transmittance and reflectance in optical spectral region. Further development of measurement for these tasks is under study. Commercial spectrophotometers and self-made apparatus are available for this purpose. The measurements can be performed in a spectral range from 200 nm to 25 μm. Besides, optical density, light exposure and BRDF...

  • (Medical) Optical Image Grayscale

    This research is taken as a key project of National Key Technology Research and Development Program of China. A piece of equipment as a reference for gray scale medical image has been built, which can provide 256 levels of digital gray scales. At...

  • Measurement Research of Visual Density

    A national standard densitometer can be used for calibration of photographic film and visual photo. With development of biomedical image and space technology, image system for visual density detection with a large measurement range and a low...

International Cooperation

There is no international cooperation.

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

 Retroreflection coefficient measuring device can realize the measurement of geometric conditions:

The standard apparatus of Reference Filter for calibration Spectrophotometer was established at NIM in 2008 and reconstructed in 2012.

Measurement range :       Wavelength: 200nm ~ 3000nm

                                       Transmittance: 0.01~1.00

Measurement uncertainty: Wavelength: 0.08nm~0.35nm (k=2)

                                        Transmittance: 0.19%~0.30% (k=2)

A national standard facility used for mid-infrared transmittance has been set up. The worst measured uncertainty is 0.45% (k=2) in the wavelength range (4000-500) cm-1. The relative reference neutral filters (0.01%, 0.1%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 50%) have also been developed.

Light exposure range (wavelength range: 380~780nm):  0.01lx•s~40lx•s , U=2.0%(k=2).



  • 86-10-64524809 Li Ping
  • Research Fellow
  • liping@nim.ac.cn
  • 010-64524807 Wang Yu
  • Research Fellow Deputy Director of Optical Division Director of Spectrophtometry & Material Optics Lab member of National Optical Metrology Committee; National Reference Material Committee and Member of Committee SAC/TC136 & SAC/TC112/SC1.
  • wangyu@nim.ac.cn

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